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ALL entries in ALL competitions must be judged anonymously.



ALL entries in ALL competitions must be judged anonymously.

 1. Only fully paid up members and life members are eligible to enter competitions.

 2. There are seven competitions, externally judged, plus an Audio-Visual (AV) competition (internally judged), as specified by the Committee.

 3. All members entries will be judged against their peers in a single section.

 4. There are two sections in these seven competitions (excluding the AV Competition) :

    1. Colour Prints and Monochrome Prints.
    2. Colour Digital Projected Images (DPI) and Monochrome DPI..
    Members may submit a maximum of three images (excluding the Triptych competition) into both sections, that is three Prints and three DPI. These may be allocated between the Colour and Monochrome divisions as desired by the author (e,g. three colour images or two colour images and one monochrome image or any other combination) up to the specified maximum of three images.
  1. Triptych Competition - members may submit a maximum of TWO print panels and TWO DPI panels. A panel (Print or DPI) must consist of three prints mounted on a standard card or three DPI images mounted on a standard DPI canvas. The background to the triptych should be plain and NOT form part of the entry.
  5. Print entries must be mounted on a standard card measuring 500mm x 400mm. The prints, themselves, may be of ANY size (A3, A4, trimmed, etc.) so long as they fit within the specified size of the mount.
  6. DPI entries must be 1600px by 1200px in dimension, including the canvas, and be in sRGB colour space. (NB Instructions for preparing digital images are on our HPS Website).
  7. All competition entries must be submitted by the "Hand-in Date", as shown in the Syllabus. Late entries will not be accepted.
  8.  Any image may only be entered in one Competition. This is with the exception of the Triptych and Audio-visual (AV) Competitions, where a constituent image may be used elsewhere.

  9.  Print entries, accompanied by an official Entry Form, must be handed in on the specified date and must be accompanied by a digital version which should be submitted to the Print Secretary by the hand in date or earlier. The digital version must adhere to the format for DPI entries and its file name MUST be identical to the title of the associated print entry.

10. DPI entries must be submitted to the Digital Secretary by the hand in date. An official entry form is not required (unless being submitted on memory stick or CD), but the e-mail should clearly show the information contained in the official entry form.

 11. An external judge's decision is final.

  12. New members of HPS may, if they so wish, have, for their first two seasons of membership, their entries into a competition compared with their peers (i.e. fellow new members) in addition to being judged as part of a competition. This wish must be made clear to the appropriate Competition Secretary.

 13. Audio-Visual Competitions. Members may submit up to two AV sequences. These must not show the author(s) name(s). No single sequence may last longer than eight minutes; two sequences must not exceed ten minutes combined length. Movie sequences are allowed but shouldn't dominate the presentation. Appropriate licences must be obtained when using copyrighted songs and music, if the AV is to be shown outside of HPS club evenings. More detailed information can be found by clicking here.

 14. Alteration to the Rules. These rules shall not be rescinded or revoked except with the approval of at least a two-third majority of voting members at an AGM. Notice must be given of any proposed revision.

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